What Is It but a Dream

Kelsey Rice: Co-designer, book artist, physical prototyper.  Jung-Ho Sohn: Co-designer, engineer, 2D artist.  Yiwen Dai: Co-designer, 2D artist.  Uriel Vanchestein: Music

What Is It but a Dream is an augmented reality book of visual poetry inspired by Lewis Carroll’s books of Alice and her adventures.

Using your phone as a looking-glass, gaze upon the ever-shifting realm of Wonderland, where characters and places change with your perspective.  Place cards inside the companion book in whichever order you choose, and watch them transform in augmented reality as Alice progresses on her journey.

It is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

This game is a Selection at Indiecade 2017 and won the 2017 USC Libraries Wonderland Award.

Learn more by visiting here.


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